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When summer is in full bloom it’s like nothing else in the world. Hot, sultry days and balmy nights beckon everyone, “Come hither onto my warm bosom…” (yes, we said it!) and even with the ticks, mosquitos, sunburns and threat of heat exhaustion, we eat it up like it’s the first summer that’s ever been.

Summer is amazing because (for most of us) it’s fleeting and you feel that finally the sun has befriended you instead of ghosted and left on read.

This issue we have a wonderful mix of fiction by a variety of authors that will surely make you sweat, fan yourself, and reach wholeheartedly for that chilly glass of sweet tea. 



What Was Discovered At T’aren-Migh by Art William L. Breach

Careless by Mia Dalia

The Hangman’s Tavern by Dave Hangman

The Voices of the Dead by Michelle Ann King

A Constellation of Wounds by Emma Murray

Polydactylism by Josh Pearce

Ambrosia by Ginger Strivelli

Heart Like a Bruise by Terrye Turpin