Welcome Bloody Valentine 2019

It’s that time again. Welcome to our Bloody Valentine Issue.

Since we are all horror fans here, it may delight you to know that St. Valentine’s Day has a bit of a morbid past which involves the execution of two men named Valentine back in the 3rd century AD. Seems rather fitting as so many romantic involvements end in and often involve some type of horror along the way.

People have polarizing viewpoints when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they either love it or hate it. Men often feel pressured and women usually create unrealistic expectations that are rarely matched. Surely, this Day of Love must take some responsibility for  breaking people apart.

Love and hate are so inextricably linked that it’s hard to experience one without the other. And that’s what these fine tales and poems show us… That you do, indeed, have to go through Hell to get to Heaven, and vice versa.

We have such an amazing spectrum of stories and poems for you in this issue. All involving love, hate and the deliciously satisfying creamy horror in between.