fiction summer 2019

What’s not to like about summertime? You’ve got our nearest star glowing celestial and hot high in the sky… you’ve got warm evenings, nature in bloom, easier commutes, longer, lazier days and overall happier people. 

But you’ve also got sunburns and blisters, heat stroke and dehydration. You’ve got insect stings and bites that blow flesh up like a carnival balloon and forbidden berries and mushrooms that entice weary travelers. 

Our fiction offering this issue has a bit of everything – from a psychotic serial killer that may just be cured by love to an elusive horned mammal that allows one last day of pure perfection. Enjoy!


Metamorphoses by Steven Gordon

Dearest by Shannon Lawrence

The Goat by Claire McAneny

Dead Tide by Andrew Punzo

Hatchet Man by Chris Riley

A Gathering of Crows by Christina Sng

Adjusting the Bar by Nancy Widrew