Valentine’s Day for Vampires and Zombies: Blood for Brains by Gary Davis


vampires’ mail exchange
nobody can open their cards
blood ink too sticky

vampire dates zombie
dinner cooked in boiled bat blood
frontal cortex stew

Viking vampire
sucks blood from frozen carcass
horns double as fangs

elderly vampire
before sleeping with true love
takes out his dentures

Headless Horseman
ignored by zombie ladies
that’s a no-brainer

vengeful vampire dies
coffin viewing at church rites
dead preacher inside

wife now murdered
vibrant beating heart has stopped
within his conscience

vampire laughs at love
“red cherry hearts for you dear
but don’t look inside”

lazy Valentine’s
cheap witch gives wizard lover
old Halloween treats

vampire lovers neck
share drinks at living room
coffin table

final Valentine’s
post-Zombie Apocalypse
chocolates untouched


Gary Davis enjoys exercising his imagination through crafting dark and darkly humorous haiku and other forms of poetry. He finds haiku, in particular, both challenging and fun. Writing haiku is like doing a miniature Zen painting and, when you look at the painting, seeing something unexpected (and maybe scary in the case of horrorku). Mr. Davis has published haiku in Tales from the Moonlit PathScifaikuestStar*Line, Lupine Lunes, and It Came from her Purse (2016-2023). He has published other poetry in Tales from the Moonlit PathTales of the TalismanBloodbondIllumenSpaceports & SpidersilkZen of the DeadPotter’s Field 7The Hungur Chronicles and a sci-fi anthology, Kepler’s Cowboys (2014-2022).

Published 2/16/23

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