Welcome Readers – 8/12/21


Welcome to our Sizzling Hot Summer Issue!

Is there any doubt why Hell is perceived and conveyed (by many) as a roiling pit of steaming lava, fire, and brimstone?

Of course not. While the sun gives us life and we lie under it like bacon in a frying pan, unbearable heat causes insufferable pain, fever dreams, and torturous dehydration.

Straddling the fragile, tenuous line between comfortable warmth and agonizing delirium, the stories we present to you this quarter offer ghastly, yet sympathetic perspectives of the human condition.

You’ll also find the winners of our Water Challenge. Because what is summer without a little thirst-quenching aqua? 


So, will you rise to the challenge or plummet into the fiery depths? 

Do you dare enter the nightmarish landscape that is our little corner of the internet?

Grab yourself some iced tea, get that fan oscillating, sit back in that sticky leather chair of yours, and enjoy!


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