Welcome Halloween by Paul Lonardo


graveyards, ghosts, and screams
black cats and jack-o-lanterns
welcome Halloween

no room left in hell
the living shelter in place
that’s a zombie feast

the porch lights are on
a haunted house on the hill
don’t dare ring the bell

high above the corn
night skies fill with flapping sounds
winged scarecrows take flight

candy corn rots teeth
apples are a healthy choice?
one bite and blood flows


Paul Lonardo is a freelance writer and author of numerous titles, both fiction and nonfiction books, in a variety of genres. Most recently, Solstice Publishing released his horror novella, The Dog Man of Denny-Blain. He is a member of HWA. For more information visit his author website www.thegoblinpitcher.com

Published 10/27/22


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