The Batfields and the McCoys by Francis W. Alexander


Beauty never had such a finer beast. Their paths had crossed in a bar that moonlit summer night. Tall, dark and handsome, he’d swept her off her dainty little white feet. Jamall Shacoy and Sarah Batfield connected instantly when his hazel peepers met her blue eyes. Resistance was futile as they swept out of the establishment and into the woods. The lovers needed each other, had to convert each other. In the heat of the moments came fangs, fur, and then shock.

Their forbidden love would not be denied.

full moon
the were-pire sending Valentines cards
to vampires and werewolves


Francis “Wes” Alexander currently scores assessment papers for Pearson Measurements. The six-time Rhysling Award nominee’s work will appear in Valley Voices, Scifaikuest, Spaceports & Spidersilk, and the Drabble Harvest anthology, His books When the Mushrooms Come, and I Reckon were published in 2020.

Published 2/10/22

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