Dances of the Dead Tragicomedy by Anne McCrea


I put a record on the turntable

It has just struck midnight

And the dead leave their resting place

Skeletons with creaking limbs

They dance a swaying languorous waltz
Death plays the fiddle

Kings and queens, peasants

Each take their turn
To the sound of strings woodwind tympani

The violins are heart breaking

Cockcrow sounds morning has arrived

The spirits disappear in the early breeze
Death is all out of dancing partners


Anne McCrea lives in North West Ireland where Halloween is a big thing- especially in Derry/Londonderry which is the city nearest to her. Her cats, Snowy an alabaster cat and Cooper, a rescue cat, sometimes get anxious at all the bangs and flashes but Anne mixes a Halloween brew to soothe and reassure.

Published 10/27/22


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