Summer Challenge 2021 Winners



It gives us life, it calms us, it’s poetic in its fluidity and glossy perfection. 

It also chokes us. Conceals deadly creatures. Owns nearly 3/4 of the Earth itself. We are a mere bubble in an ocean of turbulence.

We owe it the respect it deserves because it can turn on us at any moment. Drown us with despair, seep into our pores and burst our cells to oblivion.

Thank you, dear readers, for answering the water’s siren call. Our challenge winner, A Love Like Salt by Jennifer Howell, is truly a tribute to water and it’s bewitching guile.



Challenge Winner

A Love Like Salt by Jennifer Howell


Honorable Mentions

(in alphabetical order only)

Vacant Shadows by Cydney Goodwin

Distracted by Pamela Love

Captain Ares by Rachel Racette

Emily by David Talon

One: Cordelia’s Blaze by Louise Worthington


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