Happy Mother’s Day to all you demented mothers! Of course, we love you . . . How could we not? You gave us birth (along with nightmares and daymares) and we are devoted to showing you how much we love and appreciate you. Here’s to everyone who dares to embrace and manifest their creative impulses . . .

Please join me in thanking all the poets who have shared their wonderfully disturbing work with us – and yes, we have contributors from the United States as well as England and Ireland!

Until Next Time,

Yours in the darkness and the shadow realms between,

Terrie Leigh Relf
Poetry Editor


Forbidden Haibun: The Doting Mother by Francis W. Alexander

Bringing Sally Back by Tyree Campbell

Untitled by Gary Davis

Family Album by Alec Gourley

Resting Comfortably by Alec Gourley

Night Watch by Miriam Harrison

First Love Mother Love by Jonathan Minton

My Daughters Dated Bluebeard by Claire Smith

Hyngran (After Beowulf) by Oliver Smith

In Her Workshop by Oliver Smith