As most lovers would tell you, Valentine’s Day is more than just February 14th. There should be a flicker (or a bonfire) of flirtation between couples every single day.

And, when you have love, you also have hate. And loss. And ugliness. Because life isn’t about comfortability and seamlessness. It’s messy and complicated and sometimes… quite brutal. (Do we need to mention the Valentine’s Day Massacre?)

Our story offerings this issue will dazzle you with their imagination on both the hearts-popping-over-your-head kind of way and worms-squirming-in-your-eyeholes kind of way.

We know you can handle it. 

At Tales from the Moonlit Path, we wouldn’t want it any other way. 


Vampire by Aelily

The Giant Wasp by Adam Breckenridge

My Wife, The Witch by Barry Burton

The Bloodsucker by N.V. Devlin

I Know My Casey with Her Chamomile Hair By Zary Fekete

City of Blood by Matthew J. Gleason

Onion Breath by Matthew J. Gleason

As Nature Intended by Ken Goldman

Reggie and Cherry’s Last Dance by Stephanie Parent

The Morning Demon by C.C. Rayne

Suburban by Carolyn R. Russell

Will by Max Wheeler