“Will you walk into my parlour?” said the spider to the fly. This Mary Howitt poem entices us to consider that both the spider and the fly have intentions, though they are vastly different.


It’s a little of what we strive for here at Tales from the Moonlit Path. Our readers love the seductive qualities of Halloween, the mystery and anticipation of what is lurking around the corner or in the shadows.



And simply because those corners and shadows are on the computer screen in front of you doesn’t make them any less frightening than when you look out the window into your darkened backyard – or down the street.


In fact, we would argue that because you are held captive by these stories you are less aware of what might be creeping up behind you or maybe even peering back at you from the bluish light of the computer screen.


We have stuffed a couple of treats inside your Holiday Stocking… check out these seasonal stories by Douglas Gwilym & Mike Murphy!


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