Victim By Francis W. Alexander

He, like a hawk perched high upon a limb

who watches the lively mouse’s life

ebb and flow – before

its life flows into its beak,

stalks his victim.

She doesn’t know the life in her veins

will evaporate like water in a tea kettle

at the touch of his hands around her throat.

He doesn’t know this deed he will do

is only the main meal

and his eternal suffering will be the dessert

to the evil thing he is tempted by.

Francis W. Alexander, a resident of Sandusky, Ohio, currently scores assessment papers for Pearson Measurements.  His work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Space and TimeNight To DawnThe Martian WaveDisturbed, Spaceships & Spidersilk, Drabble Harvest, Outposts of the Beyond, and numerous other publications.

Published 10/31/18