Love – It Bites by Marcia A. Borell


My favorite hue
Pursued, rejected, now mine
Scarlet, drop by drop

Cold bone fondles hair
My hand creates your caress
You are mine — always!

Pink bathtub water
How could you leave me like this
Love’s not suicide

Nibbling his earlobe
Full moon mirrored in the lake
Teeth grow — his blood flows

Tiptoe through boneyards
All my lost loves hand in hand
Room for one more? Yes!

Loves me, loves me not
Toss bones like flower petals
NOT, I wish you had . . .

Mister Bojangles
Come dance the soft shoe with me
Just don’t break my heart.


Marcia Borell has never encountered an art medium she didn’t like. As she began doing more and more illustration work she discovered that she loved to pair writing with illustration. That was when she discovered drabbles. These 100 word tales became one of her favorite writing activities. Then along came horrorku and a new love for expressing thoughts where once again every word has to hold its own. 

Marcia is loving her life journey through writing and art.