Archaeology By Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

I feel the lure of springtime in my veins,
Spurring me to acts of lust and conquest,
Drawing me to powers buried under
Dark pyramids of sand and stone and time.

Do you remember, love, the day we met?
A day like this… the tomb was dark and cool
Despite the heat without, and you so still
Upon your golden, jewel-encrusted bed.

I had to join you, raise you from your sleep,
And steal, with kisses, breaths of times long past.
I tasted magic, felt the curse awake
And link our souls in bonds of power.

Do you ever fear, love, on days like this,
That I may leave you for some newer find?
Unwrap the cloths that hide him from my eyes,
And drink the dust of ages from his skin?

(First published in Talebones)

Marcie Lynn Tentchoff is a poet/writer/editor from the west coast of Canada, where she lives surrounded by trees, blackberry bushes,  animals, and family.  Her work has appeared in such publications as Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, and Star*Line, and she has edited  magazines and anthologies of fantasy, sf, and horror, aimed both at  adult readers and children.  She also teaches acting and creative  writing at a local dance studio, and therefore spends much of her  time writing and reading odd little scripts.  She does not like  pepper.  At all.

Published 2/14/19