Dawnya – They Seek Freedom by Marcia A. Borell


The full moon lit their way as their sandal shod feet repeated the sound of their pounding hearts. Her father had released the hounds. The howling, yapping pack was drawing closer and closer. Soon they would be nipping at their heels. The couple reached the point of no return. Before them, the mountain rivers emptied into the bottomless pool. The water was high, eliminating their escape to the mountain paths.

A new group of hounds sounded from the opposite direction. They could not stay there. The dogs would rip them apart. Dawnya touched the water. At this time of year, it was always black and icy cold. As the first of the mouths open, teeth bared, salivating dogs reached them, they dove into the water. Swimming to the middle, they tread water surrounded by the reflection of millions of stars. They embraced, kissed, and allowed the water to take them.


On a fair star-filled night, when the water is crystal clear, you may watch the intertwined ivory bones rise and become the star crossed lovers as they kiss and dance among the stars.

Trembling blue lips kissed
Water sealed their last embrace

Blessing all lovers


Marcia A. Borell is a dreamer that likes to give her dreams tangible form. She has published poetry, essays, short stories, and drabbles. Marcia has always lived close to an inland lake. Observing and experiencing the sky, water, land, and seasons have always influenced her writing. She also loves Skeletons.

Published 2/11/21

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