Poetry – Fiendish Father’s Day 2023




a note from your poetry editor . . .

Given that we often honor our demented mothers on their special day, we thought it only fair to pay homage to our fiendish fathers this year. While some of these poems may be a bit of dark fun, others may be wonderfully disturbing. Please join me in thanking the poets who delved deeply into their psyches (and their imaginations) to create these poems!  

Until next time,

Yours in the darkness, the light, and those interstitial spaces,

Terrie Leigh Relf
Poetry Editor, etc.


Mom’s Surprise by Francis W. Alexander

Gifts for Father’s Day by Sarah Das Gupta

Have a Fiendish Laugh on Father’s Day by Gary Davis

Daddy Coming Up the Stairs by J.A. Hartley

Father by Timothy Wilkie