Better Social Distance if You’re Out Late on Halloween by Gary Davis


witch has no cauldron
no stove for screaming hot meals
eats graveyard cold cuts

dearly departed
ensconced in fresh seasoned wood
now a ghoul’s sandwich

abandoned old manse
white sheets drape furnishings
double as ghosts

clever cackling witch
never sent to the stake
burned all the trees

mirror company
now open long nighttime hours
for vampire returns

dizzy Halloween
witch flies in crazy circles
on a Bromba

strapped to rotted fence
pumpkin brain pecked to a pulp
needs to see Wizard

sundown Halloween
unholy shadows lengthen
as tombstones push up


Gary Davis enjoys exercising his imagination through crafting dark and darkly humorous haiku and other forms of poetry. He finds haiku, in particular, both challenging and fun. Writing haiku is like doing a miniature Zen painting and, when you look at the painting, seeing something unexpected (and maybe scary in the case of horrorku). Mr. Davis has published haiku in Tales from the Moonlit PathScifaikuestStar*Line, and Lupine Lunes (2016-2021). He has published other poetry in Tales of the TalismanBloodbondIllumenSpaceports & SpidersilkZen of the Dead and a sci-fi anthology, Kepler’s Cowboys (2014-2021).

Published 10/28/21


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