Three Horrorku By Dmitry Peredonov


Halloween Spiders

big, horny spiders
hunt prey on Halloween night
pity those dorm girls

Baby Drac

baby Drac’s crying
pale and weary, nurse wakes up
it’s neckfeeding time!

House Ghosts

the old country house
floor boards creak softly under
the footsteps of ghosts



Dmitry Peredonov is a professional Russian-to-English translator of scientific and technical texts who lives in Saratov, Russia. He has been writing horrorkus since 2020. He is a big fan of Bela Lugosi, Peter Cushing, and George Zucco. He also loves films by Joe D’Amato, Lucio Fulci, and Andreas Bethmann. His interests include reading, writing, horror films, and electronic dance music.

Published 10/31/23

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