The Necromancer by Thomas Stewart

Like tides of the raging ocean,
The night washes across the sky with a fluid motion.
With a pass of his hand,

The night wind tartars up the sand.
From a granite pedestal, he watches.
Silhouetted against the moonlight, he debauches.

Poised at the old, dead tree,
He waits with demented glee.
Armed with his staff and his skill,

He stands alone atop the cemetery hill.
When the moon stands high,
When it is full and the midnight hour grows nigh,

To the night sky, his arms raise.
For just a moment, he basks in the moon’s exhilarating phase.
Then, in a voice that sounds of thunder,

He bellows, “Lords of shadow, courts of the night, grant me the dead, that I may tear this world ascunder!”
Lightning streaks the sky.
Away in fright, the crows fly.

And again, he calls upon the spirits from under,
“Lords of shadow, courts of the night, grant me the dead, that I may tear this world ascunder!”
Around him, the soil rustles and breaks.
The sky splits and the Earth shakes.

“Yes, Yes! Give me thy power!
Soon all that dwell with the living will cower!”

From the accursed soil, rises a festered, rotted hand.
Then two, then ten, forming a hellish and dangerous band.
He smiles,

For with the dead at his side, the world of the living is his to defile.
No longer to God will anyone for hope answer.
Now, all will bow only to the Necromancer.


Thomas Stewart is 21 years old with a fascination with the art of terror and the macabre. When he’s not watching horror movies, or reading horror novels or stories, he’s always crafting his own chilling gospels of horror to terrify and eternally rob you of a peaceful slumber. Currently, he publishes most his work to Reddit under his pen name “Corpse Child.” Many of his horror stories have been featured and adapted to audio narrations by a wide variety of YouTube narrators — including some of the bigger names in the field — as well as the ones commissioned on the ChillingApp and was featured in the debut issue of Ill Advised Records’, The Dark Door E-zine.

You can follow him for more of his work through his Facebook and his SubReddit; “r/CorpseChildGospels” as well as purchasing a copy of his books, Damned Whispers and The Other Side on Amazon.


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