Challenge – DMD ’21


Looking for a challenge?

Mothers are special people. They should be revered, honored, and respected. Still, moms are human, aren’t they? They make mistakes. Sure they do, but what about the ones that are inhuman? Well then, all of that respecting and honoring may fly right out the window (on her broomstick). 

For this challenge, send us your deranged tales of mothers who are, perhaps, not lining up to get their DNA samples tested because they know, instinctively that things might be just a little bit wrong

We’re not talking about alien moms (though that’s certainly an option if you can make it work!) but rather moms who run a little on the wild side, moms who bark at the full moon, moms who line their eyes with good ole fashioned evil instead of easy breezy CoverGirl. 

As always, please don’t send us stories longer than 2,000 words in length, include the word count in your email, as well as the story itself (in the body of the email). No email attachments will be accepted!

Please submit your stories to:

Your submission is acceptance that your story may be published as an honorable mention, and we only contact the grand prize winner.

We are offering $50 to the finest Demented Mother’s Day tale in the land – to do with as you please. We recommend flowers and candy for mom, to help ward off the evil, if just for one afternoon.

Challenge deadline is April 23, 2021.


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