The crazy thing about fiction is that, as fiction writers know, stories are often rooted in truth. Maybe the tale is six degrees away from the actual experience, or maybe it is completely on target. And, the only way for the writer to express it, is by scribbling away at midnight, changing names and settings but deep down, purging the demented reality that claws at their brain.

These stories we have for you this issue test these boundaries, and since we all have mothers, it’s up to us to decide, individually, how much truth is truly behind the terrifying fiction.



The Trees by Cassandra Daucus

The Curtain Seer by Chris Flakus

Seeing Him Through by Maggie Nerz Iribarne

Mel’s Curiosity Shop by Mackenzie Jade

Bedtime Tales by Nicola Lombardi

Abscission by L.M. Lydon

Sweet Winged Babies by Donna J.W. Munro

Mother by M.E. Solomon

Splitter by Kevin Winiarz

Porcelain by Danielle Woodgate