Are you ready? Dare you wander into the realm of darkness, where fear takes root and nightmares bloom? This is your portal to 13 chilling short stories, each a twisted journey into the macabre. In this harrowing collection, we traverse the hauntingly atmospheric landscapes of horror, where every shadow conceals unspeakable horrors, and every page is a dance with dread.

From the ominous whispers in the night to the monstrous entities lurking in the shadows, our writers have crafted stories that will pull you into the abyss of your deepest fears. Unearth tales of vengeful spirits, cursed artifacts, and eldritch creatures that defy reason. As you turn the virtual pages, be prepared for shivers down your spine, gasps of disbelief, and the palpable dread that only the best horror stories can deliver. Embrace the darkness, dear readers, and let the nightmares begin.


The House in the Woods by Colleen East
The Gray Lady by Marcus Whalbring
Birthday Wishes from My Brothers in Arms by Donna J.W. Munro
Deus Ex Machina by Mads Golding
The Little Girl Across the Street by Robb T. White
The Last Night of October by Nicola Lombardi
The Pumpkin Patch by Alexandria Grunberg
The Creeping by C.J. Subko
Night Terrors by Danielle Woodgate
Pebbles by Andrew Hughes
Mother May I? by Thomas Stewart
Ghastly Horrors on Moon Europa by Tom Ball
Sleepwalker by Melissa Pleckham