This year we have stories for you that embrace the spirit of Halloween like no other issue before it. Whether you are a fan of a little comedic relief or want to read a piece that is experimental and mind blowing, we’ve got it for you here. We offer traditional witchy stories as well as those that offer a painful and frightening perspective on lives cut short. And, while you’re at it, remember to copy the recipe for a meal that is sure to fill your belly on All Hallow’s Eve.

Happy Halloween!


Idiots of the Underworld by Ray Daley

Fly Paper by Matthew J. Gleason

Shore by Richard Leise

Mother, May I? by Susan McDonough-Wachtman

Yes, The Opium by Stephen Myer

Joey Salami’s Halloween by Mike Murphy

Finnegans Woof by Richard O’Neil

In the Negative Space by J.L. Royce

Stable by Don Stoll

Stiff Lillies by Lesley Warren

How to Eat Your Daughters by Jacqueline West