Infecting Amy by Francis Alexander


Why, she wondered,

were the symptoms of infection 

still lingering like a stubborn cold?

When they strap him to the gurney

doubts cloud her mind.   

Was it a thought or a memory  

of the times he approached

when her ears swelled, nose ran,

and head constantly ached?

Had she been fighting an urge?

Why couldn’t he understand

that she loved Gnasnos the android?

The thought of making love to a human

turned her stomach.

Humans loving humans insulted the law,

infected earthlings with strange illnesses,

was punishable by death.


How dare he sing love songs to her,

reading silly poems

professing that his heart ached

because Cupid shot it

with an arrow, her name

etched on the point. 

He blamed her for his love fever,

scorching heat that could be extinguished

by her love.

He testified that immersed

in clouds of malaise,   

he was infected by her love. 

She swore she saw the rash

forming a heart on his irises

that expanded with each heartbeat.

Why do her lips swell  

as she looks at the condemned?

When they insert the chemicals; 

she closes her eyes,

releases a Pandora’s box of taboos, 

and imagines herself 

lying there with him.


Sandusky, Ohio, poet and writer, Francis Wesley Alexander, is constantly writing. He currently has poems in Haibun Today and Scifaikuest.  His book, When the Mushrooms Come, is out now and available at Infinite Realms Bookstore.


Published 8/15/19