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The rusty pendulum has swung back to mother. This issue, it’s mom’s turn and we celebrate Mother’s Day in Moonlit Path style, by uncovering the dark, the twisted, and the truly disturbing aspects of motherhood that Hallmark just won’t touch.

What can you expect from this issue? Our authors have decided it’s time for Grandma to tell you some tales you won’t soon forget, they’ll also remind you of why ‘mother’ is the root word of smother, and that even the sweetest, cutest babies might have been spawned in and for evil.

So, in between the champagne brunches, fancy pedicures, and tulip bouquets, check in with us for a reminder of how the intensity of motherhood can raise our spirits to Heavenly heights, and then plunge our heads into a splitter-vice, resulting in a face only a mother would love.   

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We are now OPEN to fiction submissions for our Halloween Issue, Deadline is 10/12/24. We will be announcing a Halloween contest – $50 Prize. Stay tuned for details!



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