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It’s the season of love once again! It’s time to get close to your loved one… maybe a little too close for comfort. Whether it’s a moonlit dance in the cemetery, longing for that eternally fatal kiss or watching humanity crumble around you like living inside a world-sized video game, Valentine’s is always, without a shadow of a doubt, a time for lovers.


Here at Tales from the Moonlit Path we LOVE delivering you fresh, mesmerizing if not even shocking fiction that blurs the line between passion and panic – because after all, perhaps they are, on a DNA level, exactly the same thing.


We would also like to announce a new member of our team – Paul Lonardo! Paul will be sharing his horror wisdom and skill with topical articles in every issue. Get to know Paul here, and read his latest installment here. We welcome him with open (if not bloodied) arms!




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We apologize that we were unable to send individual rejection letters for our Bloody Valentine’s Day Issue! This is not our normal policy and in the future, you can again expect to be contacted directly.


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