Welcome Readers!

At Tales from the Moonlit Path, we are all about the great outdoors. Those negative ions emanating from the trees and shrubs fuel our creativity and peace of mind.

But…. what if the great outdoors we all enjoy were… tainted just a bit? What if there were ‘things’ in the great outdoors that meant us harm, that counteracted those bountiful and beneficial negative ions in a way that left us… changed?

Welcome to our Great Outdoors issue. Since we saw you last, dear reader, it’s become a strange Covid-laced world, and now, more than ever, we should understand the importance of being alone, reading, and sparking our imagination. 

Our fiction and poetry sections are chock-full of pieces dedicated to time spent in the outdoors and what might happen there.

You know you’re interested… you know you want to see what might happen when nature reigns.

So sit back, relax, enjoy our mid-summer issue, and try not to squint too hard to see what’s hiding behind that tree…


Our Response to Covid19: READ MORE HORROR FICTION!