Poetry 5-19 Issue


As the saying goes, without mothers (and their mothers, and their mothers, and so forth and so on . . .) we wouldn’t be here. Could it be a mother’s progeny that factors into the proverbial descent—or ascent into— madness? What else comes into play? It’s definitely food for thought, and the poems within this issue provide us with much to ponder.

Here’s to all of the demented poets who have offered their work for this special issue!

Your Poetry Editor,

Terrie Leigh Relf


Their Mother’s Day by Francis W. Alexander

My Mother the Illusionist by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Day of the Mother by David Kopaska-Merkel

Oubliette by (xeno-unit)

Dutiful Daughter by Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell

Other Hungers by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff