The Darker Holiday Spirits By Marcia Borell


Schmuzli, the drab Brown
Who’s in your blood weeping sack?
I’m good! Don’t bite me!

Conga line dancing
Zombies jerk to Christmas tune
Here comes Santa Claus

Served in hot scorched skulls
Snake eggs, eyes of newts added
Witches wassail brewed

Ghostly gifts are wrapped
We await giggling shadows
Sadly, they’re still here . . .

Vampire reflects on
Mirrored holiday attire
Forever faceless

Gargoyles draped in lights
Stand ready to rock and roll
Perhaps they’re too stoned

Goblins came gobbling|
Not a sweet was left in town
Bellyaches their gift

Howling haunts the night
Man to wolf on Christmas night
Cursed for being born

Sirens sang carols
Luring the Christmas Tree Ship
To the frozen rocks.

Silent Night inflamed
Bethlehem burnt to the ground
Dragons spurn advent

Their holidays died
Stolen by the murderous
Deadly human beasts

Two turtle doves rose
Out of the chicken pot pie
Banning the gourmet!

Four calling birds came
Hungrily pecking singers
Ending Christmas Day!

Six geese a-laying
Threw rotten eggs like snowballs
Hitting you and me!

Eight maids a-milking
Looked so hungover the cows
Gave us curdled milk!

Ten lords a-leaping
Landed on the drink table
Wassail eruption!

Twelve drummers drumming
Beat the wassail covered lords
Starting a riot!


Marcia Borell has never encountered an art medium she didn’t like. As she began doing more and more illustration work she discovered that she loved to pair writing with illustration. That was when she discovered drabbles. These 100 word tales became one of her favorite writing activities. Then along came horrorku and a new love for expressing thoughts where once again every word has to hold its own. 

Marcia is loving her life journey through writing and art.


Published 12/5/19