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Beaches, parks, fun in the sun. All of these are synonymous with Summer. But in the brightest and warmest of days lies the darkness of the wicked, the monstrous, and the downright evil. 

Heat has long been an indicator of the macabre. Hell, after all, is said to have infernal heat. Droughts, the desert, anyway you look at it, extreme heat is not our friend. 

We celebrate summer in all of it’s glory – both the lazy river rides and the fever dreams we succumb to when our body struggles during sleep. 

We are also proud to announce our Halloween Challenge! Because even though summer has a hold on us now, we all know that changing leaves, candied apples and horrific costumes are just around the corner. (Or is that Michael Myers?)

Thank you for joining us and for supporting our talented authors, poets and sole illustrator of this issue, Ocean Salazar.

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