Valentine’s Day is for lovers! And come on, Bloody Valentine’s Day is for lovers, too. You can’t have love without hate, pain without pleasure or peace without chaos.

This issue we have a tasty collection of stories to tantalize your tastebuds and tickle your senses. 

Pop open the red wine (or AB- if that’s your fancy), and get prepared to read the finest in romance gone wrong, passion that cannot be contained, and roses that turned to ash centuries ago. 

Embrace the love, dear readers, and let the romance begin.


The Rookery by Sarah Turner
August Sun by Davide Staffiero
The Stains, The Gaps by Ben Curl
Done is Done by Tony Valiulis
Someone for the End by Andrew Hughes
Shadow Residue by A.M. Symes
Candles at Night by Matt Hollingsworth
Skate-O-Rama by Jessica Gleason