Contest 5-19


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Summer is coming, at least it is for those of us that exist in the northern hemisphere. We look forward every year to the return of warm days and warm nights, sunshine and poolside barbecues. But, just as every rose has its thorn, most would agree that the thorn growing out of summer’s side is a nasty, creepy, six-legged insect that you’re sure will nest, without much notice, in your hair.

This time around we are looking for your stories about bugs. You either love ’em or you hate ’em, and let’s face it, most of us hate ’em. They do, however, deserve their own horror spotlight. While there are seven -nearly 8 – billion people on earth, there are nearly 10 quintillion individual insects on the planet at any given time. That’s 10 with 18 zeroes by the way. Talk about demanding respect.




  • Keep stories to under 2,000 words and please include word count in email.
  • Must have some type of BUGS theme.
  • Submit your story to
  • Submission must be in the body of the email, no attachments please.
  • Clearly label your submission “CONTEST ENTRY: Last Name: Story Title”.
  • You are welcome to submit a story for both the contest and regular magazine content but please, just one contest submission.
  • Your contest entry must not be submitted elsewhere.
  • Contest submission deadline  is July 31, 2019 for possible inclusion in August 15, 2019 issue.
  • Honorable mentions will be published. A contest story submission is your pre-approval of publication in our August 15, 2019 summer issue without additional notification to you.
  • Winner will receive $50