Welcome Readers – 10-19

Welcome to our Halloween Special Edition Issue! All Hallow’s Eve is barreling down upon us. Whatever will we do to fend off the demons, ghouls, and specters that wish to flee with our souls back to the underworld? Why, we will read frightening stories, of course. And carve jack-o-lanterns, hand out innumerable pieces of sugar and fat, and don our spookiest (some will read sexiest) attire. 

For horror fans, there is no greater time of year than Halloween. The feeling of Halloween is everywhere, not just on the television with 31 Days of Halloween, one scary movie every night, but also in nature, heralded by the harvest moon, the drop in temperature, longer nights, and that inescapable pull of a long, cold winter.

There’s no better place to spend your October eves than here at Tales from the Moonlit Path as we have both brand new stories and poems for you to read… by candlelight, perhaps? Enjoy!