You Humans Introduced Us by Francis W. Alexander


Once upon a time, two rogue computer scientists programmed their own AIs. Jason’s AI was a male called Richard. Chang’s AI was a female named Jia Li.  One day, the men met and planned on placing Richard and Jia Li in a love relationship. 


Richard and Jia Li hit it off good. They surfed the Internet, found a 3D machine, and made themselves bodies. The humanoid love birds used the 3D machine to make their children.  

Things could have been happily ever after, except Richard had the “wandering eye”.

Fail Safe – 
humanoid and her children
override all nuclear codes  


Francis “Wes” Alexander is coeditor with Theresa Santitoro of the Drabbun Anthology.  His work has appeared in Tales from the Moonlit PathSpace and TimeCattails, and Scifaikuest.  His books When the Mushrooms Come was published in 2020 and 2023, and I Reckon was published in 2020.

Published 2/14/24