Fiction 10-29-20


Autumn is here again. Warm days, cool nights, the wind flirting from breeze to gale. A transition time from the blazing summer sun to a more quietly luminous moon that reigns in the prevailing night.

It’s the perfect time of year to read these thought-provoking, ethereal stories we present to you this Halloween season. Settle in and prepare yourself for thoughtful ghosts, tiny witches, memories of zombies, irradiated makeup, self-sufficient vampires, and more.

Thank you to our authors for your talent, and thank you to our readers for allowing us into your hearts, minds, and souls. It’s where all of the clever demons love to dwell….


A Winter’s Funeral by Daniel Davis

The Wading Pool by John M. Floyd

Grange Ghosts by Douglas Gwilym

29 AZA by Adam Knight

Curie Curse by Sarah Lajeunesse

The Littlest Witch by Donna Munro

The Elevator Operator by Jen Myers

Hybrid by Amara George Parker

The Bat by Wes Payton

The Farm by Lizz Shepherd