Song of the Siren by Matthew Wilson


How that siren sings so sweetly
But to hold her would be the death of me
As she shames the stars with her beauty
Singing softly in the shallows of the sea.

My father surrendered completely to her
Against my wishes he left this place
The last time I saw him there alive
Till he washed up without a face.

My chains hold me fast at the window
Cutting me and staining the floor
The smell of blood excites her
But I must stay away from that shore.

How that siren sings so sweetly
Promising love beyond devotion
Yet I know she does not sing on rocks
But her many bones beneath the ocean.


Matthew Wilson has been published over 200 times in such places as Star*Line, Horror Zine, Zimbell House Publishing and many more. He is currently editing his first novel.

Published 2/14/20