A Novel Death by Tyree Campbell


Wishing to give his wife a commemoration of his love for her, the Sultan of Hadhramat hit upon a novel idea.  He would purchase from a reputable company a greeting card containing an amorous poem, and sign it, and give it to her along with a ruby tiara, the gemstones in the color and shape of a heart.

The heart you have stolen, the Sultan thought fondly, as he searched through the Hallmark card catalog. 

There was only one problem:  he had not foreseen that he would perish from writer’s cramp.

                     the harem’s expectations
                     six hundred forty-three wives
                     feeble fingers


The author has written numerous novels, novellas, and short stories over his thus-far 23-year career, with his first publication coming auspiciously on 1 January 2000.  He writes the Bombay Sapphire superheroine series for Pro Se Press.  He lives in the desert with two husky-mix canines and assorted pigeons that he leaves food out for.  He has not been known to eat locusts.  

Published 2/16/23


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