Scales by Marcia Borell


In the distance, I hear her song, human temptress, my desire. Impatiently, I wait, longing to caress her alabaster skin. Reaching out, I connect our minds, arousing her passion, twisting her into my lover.

She resists, remembering our previous encounters. My hand gently strokes her rounded belly containing our children. She pulls away. I am Yig, a seducer of women. Is she defending our snake children or defying my mind control? Defiantly, she stares into my eyes with contempt and anger. Hate pours from her soul!

she pulls out a knife

thrusting it into her heart

grieving for my young


Marcia Borell is happily entering a new decade. She is still making marvelous artistic messes and getting her stories out of her head and into words strung together on paper or the computer. She is also finding ways to nurture the world she loves.

There will be more skellies, monsters, cats, and other things to come.

Published 2/10/22

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