Forbidden Haibun: Juneteenth Day by Francis W. Alexander


Sagittarius –
those moving dots
are not stars

Sunflower – such a nice day for an invasion. Revelation – there is no doubt those are alien ships. Cloud peaks – a huge saucer over each state capital. Our nation’s leader lets each state fight alone – confusion.

Andromeda –
the war
wages on

Desolate – combatant equipment littering the planet. Windstorm – there is no sight of the future. Youth – solutions sprouting from the mouths of babes. With a new leader, most of the states unite – Morning glory.

Orion –
a world fighting invasion
but still not united.   

Cold – Valley Forge was nothing like this. New Year – news that we are winning, and we are losing. Spring day – the fresh smell of lilacs. Finally united, mankind wins – Juneteenth day.

Ursa Major –
the aliens prepped us   
for the real enemy to come 


The six-time Rhysling nominee is the author of I Reckon and When the Mushrooms Come. He is co-editor of the Drabbun anthology (Hiraeth Publishing). Wes has had stories and poems published in The Ohio Haiku Anthology, Otoroshi Journal, Failed Haiku, Cattails, Illumen, Scifaikuest,  Tales from the Moonlit PathSpaceports and Spidersilk, Alien Dimensions, and Space and Time.  

Published 8/12/21

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