A Nickel for the Boneman By Jennifer Montgomery


Ghastly does the jagged face
of nightmare’s anguish manifest
Sultry smile, blackened teeth
A ghost that likes the bones the best

Wake the devil, rip the flesh
Fire, fire burning bright
Summer days are long forgotten
Steady now for darker nights

Trodding over weathered stone
Shrieking choir, midnight mass
Pay the Boneman for a song
Violins of broken glass

Sharpened talons to the skin
See how crimson rivers run
through the cruel October wood
The end of things has just begun

Mired deep the brutal bog
Naked toes that hold no grasp
Strangled, dripping, pooling swallows
Fighting for a bloodless gasp

Ice the veins to steel the heart
Subtlety of terror creeping
There be monsters here, my love
No longer in the earth be sleeping



My name is Jennifer Montgomery and I reside in Cedar Hill Missouri. I write poetry, short stories, and horror fiction. My father owned a small press Sci-Fi/Horror magazine in the 80’s and 90’s, and my mother was a poet, and both of those experiences heavily influenced not only my writing, but my love of horror. In addition to submitting short stories and poems to literary journals and magazines, I am also working on my first horror novel.

Published 10/31/23

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