The First Annual Pick A Soul Day by Francis W. Alexander


Over time
mankind had started to get bored
with gods, demons, and ghosts.
Their technological advances
had made them arrogant.
It was time to teach them a lesson.
be they soldier, policeman, President,
teacher, laborer, or drunk,
when the slithering noise
came to the door,
everyone became paralyzed
and watched as the victim was grabbed
and dragged to the graveyard
where the grave opened
and received its temporary owner—
permanent, if no rescuer came.


Francis “Wes” Alexander is the coeditor along with Theresa Santitoro of the Drabbun Anthology due out in July. The seven-time Rhysling Award and three-time Dwarf Stars Award nominee’s work will appear in Valley Voices, Scifaikuest, and the Drabble Harvest anthology, His books When the Mushrooms Come and I Reckon were published in 2020.

Published 8/25/22