Ambrosia by Ginger Strivelli


The Sun had finally set upon that long day of July. The rubies and amethysts the sky was painted in, made the view Sebastian awoke to, look surreal. A Human would have been tempted to compare the beautiful shades to gemstones, flowers, wine or such romantic things. Alas, Sebastian could only compare them to blood. For blood was what he was forever in search of.

Sebastian began this night’s quest the way he always began his quests. He flew up into the night and relying only upon the instincts his Goddess had empowered him with, he was drawn to a convenient victim.

The man sleeping in the hammock on his front porch never would have noticed Sebastian’s attack. Sebastian could see the bountiful blood pulsing through the man’s easily visible veins. But convenience and availability were not the traits Sebastian looked for in his victims. He was a connoisseur of the finer vintages. He never settled for a meal that didn’t totally impress his delicately trained palate.

“Accept my gratitude, Divine Lady,” Sebastian said respectfully to the lunar disk above him, “for leading me to this meal, but, alas, such food can only sustain the body, it could never nourish my soul…I shall search further.”

Sebastian floated through the darkness, following his nose to his Goddess’ next blessing, a child. A child was sitting on a swing in her backyard. This victim was fairer of face and no doubt, easier on one’s palate, but Sebastian was forced by his standards to risk annoying his Goddess by turning down yet another of Her blessings.

“Many thanks, Divine Lady. The child is a pleasant sight and surely tastes as pleasant, but its smell is less than pleasing to me, I’m afraid, I shall have to search further.” Sebastian flew past the happy child who never knew the danger she had been in.

The Goddess could have spat back some foul curse at Her obnoxious devotee, but She was, after all, a forgiving deity, or at least that is what Sebastian has always believed.

“Ah, yes! That is the smell,” Sebastian cooed, closing his eyes and savoring the faint perfume he found on the breeze. “Sweet, sweet aroma, it must be the food of the Gods. Ambrosia! Is her name Ambrosia, Divine Lady?” He asked as he descended from the sky to stand in the shadows outside the beautiful Ambrosia’s open window.

The Goddess didn’t supply Sebastian with the gorgeous woman’s name. Nevertheless, he could think of her by no other name, as he stood watching her read a book, in her bed, just inside the window.

“You are most kind, Divine Lady, to lead me to such an exquisite meal. I shall savor Ambrosia’s precious blood, in a worshipful rite dedicated unto you.”

Sebastian was through the window and upon the woman instantly after having said his grace. Alas, he had tasted only a single drop of Ambrosia’s liquid cornucopia before she reached up and killed the mosquito with a thoughtless slap.


Ginger Strivelli has written for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Autism Parenting Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, Third Flatiron, Jokes Review, The New Accelerator, Cabinet of Heed Literary Journal, Frontier Tales, and several other publications.

Published 8/25/22