Thanksgiving Nightmares! by Marcia Borell


Warmish parched turkey
Cool whipped cardboard crusted pie
Vile loud relatives . . .

Toddler screams mine! MINE!
Tussles, bites, scratches cousin
Activate TIME-OUT!

Stuffing or dressing?
Bird or pan? The war wages . . .
Shut up! Just eat it!

Turkey gluttony
Uncle recliner syndrome
Tryptophan coma

Dishes under couch
Dishes cover counter tops
All asleep – NOT ME!


Marcia Borell has never encountered an art medium she didn’t like. As she began doing more and more illustration work, she discovered that she loved to pair writing with illustration. That was when she discovered drabbles. These 100 word tales became one of her favorite writing activities. Then along came horrorku, and a new love for expressing thoughts, where once again every word has to hold its own. Marcia is loving her life journey through writing and art.


Published 12/5/19