Where’s My Story?

Refer to this list if you have not yet received a notification regarding your story status. If you don’t see your story title, please query to see if we have received it. This includes both regular and contest submissions. It does not include poetry submissions. Titles will be cleared after authors are notified of their story’s status.  Please keep in mind that contest honorable mentions are notified by publication only, contest winners are notified by email. If you do not want your story titled listed, please let us know.

Please also take note: After careful consideration, we have decided to become solely a “For the Love” publication. This will exclude the occasional contest.

Reminder: If you don’t see your story listed and don’t hear from us, before querying, double check that your story is under 2,000 words and is not an attachment. Please read our guidelines!

WE ARE CURRENTLY OPEN TO poetry and fiction SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR Demented Mother’s Day ISSUE 2024. Any stories received after this date will be read for the Spring issue.


Page last updated: 3/26/24


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Spirit of Your Remains
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Mother’s Day
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The Three Laws of Monster Hunting
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The Pledge
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Bedtime Tales
The Veil

No Sleep
Mel’s Curiosity Shop
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