FICTION – Bloody Valentine’s Day Issue 2022


Horror FictionIt’s been 485 years since King Henry VIII declared that Valentine’s Day would be an official holiday. And it remains unknown how he celebrated with his many wives, if he gave them heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates, parchments with words of love in elegant calligraphy – or by executing them.  

We encourage you to give it some thought before saying yes to the question, “Will you be my Valentine?”

Thank you to our contributing authors, and to all of our readership. 



The New Valkyrie by Hermester Barrington

The Rebound by Kathryn A. Brackett

Long Distance by David Calbert

The R by Jessica Gleason

Ashes to Ashes by Ken Goldman

Friends Forever by Mark Humphries

Over at the Schoolhouse by Terri Mullholland

St. Catherine’s Park by J.L. Royce

I’m So Angry by Paul Wilson