a note from your poetry editor…

It’s that time again, lovers of all ilks! What, pray tell, are you planning for this decadent holiday? Perhaps light a candle outside your mausoleum to entice a few dates? Curl up with an ancient tome of supernatural tales? Some of you may also be planning to cast love and/or banishing spells… Just remember to enjoy yourselves—and yes, clean up afterwards, as Valentine’s Day can be quite a messy affair.

Please join me in thanking all of the  poets who have gifted us with their  work.

Until next times,

Yours in the darkness, the light, and those lovely interstitial spaces,

Terrie Leigh Relf
Poetry Editor, etc.


You Humans Introduced Us by Francis W. Alexander

I Wait by Marcial Borell

Ladies of the Night Their Most Delicious Evening of the Year by Gary Davis

Horrorku by Demitry Peredonov

On Meeting a Goth Androgyne in a Dark Downtown Bar by J.J. Steinfeld

The Spacecraft Landed Gently and Soundlessly on their Lawn by J.J. Steinfeld