Daughter of Witches By Matthew Wilson

I was born in the pit which hate had made a home

After mother’s coven was slaughtered by the king

The fool who refused to build her many statues

Who cast her down with fire and broken wing.

Feeding on prisoners’ blood she regained strength

Reading awful books made her powerful as before

Transporting us back to the world of foolish kings

I held my breath and fell through the icy door.

It was my honor alone to kill the young prince

Son of a tyrant who imprisoned mom without care

But I was a novice at murder and got separated

Until a poacher came with gentle hands and yellow hair.

I cursed my stupidity and prepared for death

Sweetly he fixed my broken wing and gave me aid

His heart that knew no evil kept me warm

He gave his coat and told me not to be afraid.

Mother hurt me when she found me dazed

Yanking me through the soldiers’ arrow hail

She destroyed the palace walls with ugly fire

She released the king’s prisoners from their jail.

I watched her cleave the king’s head away

Trusting me to search the perfumed rooms above

Where the trespasser who’d snuck out without permission

Froze in great surprise and eyes adorned with love.

The beautiful prince knew nothing of the murders here

Having just sneaked in from his adventurous night

So then I did what mother expected of her girl

I informed her how I killed this human light.

The palace ruins made stones for her statues

The tyrant’s crown sits tight on mother’s head

Now she will make this kingdom in her image

Now she thinks the lovely prince is dead.

This scarred world belongs to witches now

But sometimes I walk those woods with charms

When I give the all clear and branches break

And the man with yellow hair runs to my arms.


Matthew Wilson has been published over 150 times in such places Alban Lake Publishing, Horror Zine, Zimbell House Publishing, Star*Line, and many more, he is currently editing his first novel.

Published 10/31/18