FICTION – Halloween 2021


What is it that you want from your Halloween night?

Is it masked kiddos at the door? Fun sized candies stolen out of the plastic bowl? Or maybe you’d be content with watching horror flicks on your big screen T.V.

Whatever you choose to do on the night of All Hallow’s Eve, we hope you’ll choose to spend some time with us, on these virtual pages.

This issue’s fiction is not only haunting and a bit quirky, it’s deliciously romantic and sexy, too.

So, come inside, light that candelabra, and try to ignore that hot breath at the back of your neck. It’s just us, watching you read.


Making Rent by Abbie Doll

Cake Walk by Mark Huntley-James

The Precinct by Jill Jepson

The Sidewalk by Kemal Onor

White Noise by Chris Riley

Lovely in the Dying Light by Carolyn R. Russell

Sunrise by Caitlin Upshall

The Firth of Tay by Erich von Neff