Unemployment Imminent by Debby Feo


Eye of newt
Hair of hare
Spell Shoppe closed
Ingredients unmixed
Bit of a fizzle
No grand entrance
Broom on empty


I’ve been writing poems and short stories since high school. I wrote a poem instead of an essay to get into college in Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania), where I met my husband, during my freshman year. Most of my jobs and volunteer work has been with kids, from pre-school to college. Now I write poems, short stories, and books in multiple genres: specifically for kids, science fiction, a little fantasy, and about vampires.  I also enjoy writing Drabbles (stories in exactly 100 words, not counting the title).  I have Author’s Pages on: Goodreads, the Infinite Realms Bookstore, Smashwords, and Amazon.


Published 10/15/19