Acrostic for Full Moon by Elizabeth Creith

When full moon rises, hear the call,
Eldritch and eerie through the black,
“Return, return to pelt and paw,
Each come, and all, to wolf-shape back!”
Woe to the traveller late abroad
On high road wide or forest track;
Long jaws, sharp teeth will pull him down.
Full moon brings out the werewolf pack.


Elizabeth is a denizen of the Laurentian foothills in rural northern Ontario. The year she didn’t own a dog, she chased a bear away from her kitchen door. She knows how to build a fire and keep it going for months, how to tan a hide using the animal’s brains, and how to take a sheep and turn it into clothing and dinner.

She loves good coffee, dark chocolate, reading, writing and art. She’s been, at various times, a printmaker and potter as well as a painter. Currently her arts of choice are watercolour, paper engineering, and hand bookbinding, in addition to writing poetry and fiction. She loves a good parody and find nursery rhymes particularly apt for that form.

Published 10/27/22


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