Dinner Date by Mike Murphy


Old Ralph found this victim’s pancreas crunchy, her liver slightly squishy. Both organs were delicious, with their own unique textures and blood-enriched flavors. He sucked on his reddened fingers.

He had saved her young, now-silent heart for last. . . his dessert. As the organ of love, surely it would be sweet


Mike has had over 150 audio plays produced in the U.S. and overseas. He’s won The Columbine Award and a dozen Moondance International Film Festival awards in their TV pilot, audio play, short screenplay, and short story categories.

His prose work has appeared in several magazines and anthologies. In 2015, his script “The Candy Man” was produced as a short film under the title DARK CHOCOLATE. His second short film, HOTLINE, is in post-production. In 2013, he won the inaugural Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition.

Mike keeps a blog at audioauthor.blogspot.com.

Published 2/11/21


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