Legend of the Secret Garden by Marcia A. Borell


Peering over the rims of his glasses at the crowd, he pulls his stool closer to the fire and begins reciting his love story.

There is an ancient garden loved in spring by the child that sings and dances. Slowly, she becomes the old crone, leaning on her cane, gifting love, and healing to every rock, plant, and living being. Tales of magic reach the ears of those that would bend and break it to their own wills. Their power comes from the saw and ax. Her gentle magic flows as she opens her cloak and makes it all disappear.

She invoked veiling
As the garden disappears
Her walls grow thicker



Marcia A. Borell is a dreamer that likes to give her dreams tangible form. She has published poetry, essays, short stories, and drabbles. Marcia has always lived close to an inland lake. Observing and experiencing the sky, water, land, and seasons have always influenced her writing. She also loves Skeletons.

Published 2/11/21


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