POETRY – Summer 2019

Welcome to Tales From the Moonlit Path’s Summer 2019 poetry issue! We have quite an array of deliciously disturbing poems for you to sink your fangs—or proboscis—into. These poems range in tone, mood, and theme from the horrific to the wonderfully disgusting—and everything between. Aliens and androids? Check. Monsters? Check. Madness, murder and mayhem? Check. There may even be a ghost or two . . . Thank you for reading, and please join me in thanking the poets for sharing their exquisite work!


Your Moonlit Poetry Editor,

Terrie Leigh Relf


Infecting Amy by Wes Alexander

Three Horrorku by Marcia Borell

Family Home by John Grey

Legends Rooted in the Bayou by John C. Mannone

Strawberry Milkshake by Lauren McBride

Aricia by David Kopaska Merkel

Nameless by Rayn Roberts

Blood Orchids by Sheikha A

The Lottery Revisited by Marge Simon

Casual Friday by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff